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Bounce Student Participant Information

Greetings Fellow Bouncers!

On July 17-22 we will be partnering with Bounce (a proud part of the BGCT Student Minister Disaster Relief Program) to assist those families in need in the Waco, TX area.  Our assignment is a re-roofing of small house w/ some decking repair/replacement.  Bounce is providing us with the tools and equipment to be able to perform our task as safely as possible.  If your not comfortable with heights no worries as there will be plenty of opportunities on the ground.  I will be the team leader on the project, which means I will be involved with every aspect of the operation.  Mrs. Dotty is joining us as our team coordinator.  She will ensure that we are staying hydrated, taking breaks as needed, etc.  I am looking forward to this great opportunity to serve those in need in the Waco community.  Also, I believe we have an exceptional team put together to handle this task.  Parents: be assured that your student's safety is my utmost concern!  My construction experience extends 3-1/2 decades.  Additionally, I am on my sixth year of teaching building trades at the middles school (without student injury).  Simply put, you student will be in good hands!


James McLendon (Student Minister)

BOUNCE Dress Code:

Our BOUNCE participants (“BOUNCERS”) are missionaries. That being the case, we don’t want to do anything that might damage our witness in the communities we serve. Although there might be some disagreement among our student participants regarding appropriate dress, for the sake of our BOUNCE experience, let’s agree we will all follow a consistent BOUNCE Dress Code for the mission week. Group Leaders please communicate this dress code to you students and adults. Here it is: 

SHIRTS: Shirts MUST have sleeves. This means at ministry worksite, the lodging facility, in worship, and heading to and from the showers. Please don’t bring anything sleeveless, or anything with spaghetti straps. Short shirts are not allowed either. We also ask that shirts have no graphics that could be considered offensive or inappropriate. Thanks. 

SHORTS: Shorts are OK at the lodging facility and even in worship. Please keep them of modest length. No short-shorts. Shorts are never appropriate at the Ministry Worksite. Again, thanks. 

MINISTRY WORKSITE ATTIRE: Because of the nature of our work, you are required to wear sturdy, long pants. Jeans are probably best. Again, shirts must have sleeves. Durable closed toe shoes or boots are required on the worksite. NO sandals or flip flops on the job please. We want to protect your feet! Inappropriate worksite attire will prevent you from participating in the work. 

DON’T BRING EXPENSIVE, NICE STUFF: The work is dirty . . . sometimes really dirty. At times down-right nasty. So, if you don’t want to get it messed up, don’t bring it. You’ve been warned. 

BOUNCE PARTICIPANT SUPPLY LIST You may be wondering, “What do I need to bring with me to BOUNCE?” Excellent question!

Here’s the list of things you will need; a few optional items; and what needs to stay at home.


  • Your BIBLE for worship, devotionals, and quiet time

  • A TWIN-SIZED Air-Mattress or Cot (Space is often limited, so no large air-mattresses please)

  • Sleeping Bag or Bed Sheets

  • Pillow

  • Towels/Washcloths/Soap/Shampoo

  • Personal Toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)

  • Sunscreen/Lip Balm/Insect Repellant (Protection from the elements)

  • Worksite Clothing – long pants or jeans/shirts with sleeves (no sleeveless shirts)/work boots or

    sturdy shoes/socks & underwear

  • Casual Clothes (no short-shorts/short shirts/sleeve-less shirts/or shirts with inappropriate printing)

  • Laundry Bag for dirty clothes

  • Light Jacket

  • Safety Goggles or Glasses (A MUST)

  • Work Gloves (A Must)

  • Rain Gear (we work through the rain)


  • Camera

  • Facial Tissue

  • Pry Bar

  • Paint Roller & Pan

  • Paint Scraper


  • Sleeveless or Short Shirts

  • Short Shorts

  • Music Playing Devices

  • Expensive Jewelry or Clothing

  • Tobacco Products/Alcohol/Illegal Drugs

  • Weapons, Fireworks, or Prank Paraphernalia of ANY KIND 


Monday (arrival day) 

1:00 PM  Mission Check-In Begins

4:00         BOUNCE Bash!

4:15         Adult Informational Meeting

6:00         Dinner Time!

7:00         Meet Your Mission Team/Mission Picture/Mission Team Position Training

8:00         Worship

9:30         Youth Group Reflections

10:30       Everyone in Your Rooms

11:00       Lights Out 


Tuesday-Thursday (Days 2-4) 

6:00 AM   Breakfast

7:00         Go Time! (Tuesday Prayer of Commission)
                Time Alone With God after Team arrives at Ministry Worksite

Noon        Lunch & Devotion Time at Ministry Worksite

4:00 PM   Return to Lodging Facility

5:30         Group Leader Meeting

6:00         Dinner Time!

7:30         Worship

8:45         Youth Group Reflections

10:30       Everyone in Your Rooms

11:00       Lights Out

Friday (Final Work Day) 

6:00 AM  Breakfast

7:00        Go Time!

               Time Alone With God after Team arrives at Ministry Worksite

Noon      Lunch & Devotion Time at Worksite

4:00 PM Return to Lodging Facility

5:30        Group Leader Meeting

6:00        Dinner Time!

7:15        Worship

8:15        Final Mission Team Time

8:45        Wrap Party!

9:45        Youth Group Reflections

11:00      Everyone In Your Rooms

11:30      Lights Out

Saturday (Departure Day) 

6:00 AM  Continental Breakfast Available

6:30        Check Out Begins/Clean Your Rooms/Load Your Stuff

8:00        BOUNCE Back Home--Depart Lodging Facility & Head Home


Last Published: July 13, 2017 12:03 PM
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